Christopher, Solutions Architect – Referrer Success Story

Posted 1/21/2022 in Success Stories by Krista Place

“Because the hiring company had my write-up it helped streamline the process for both the hiring company and for Emily.” 

Christopher, Solutions Architect

I got involved with Candidate early on when I was invited to participate. I quickly noticed a marketing role that would leverage the skills of a close friend and previous colleague, Emily. For those that network, good people who are actively searching for new roles stay top of mind. The timing and role lined up perfectly with what she was looking for and the process was a breeze. Emily is an absolute gem, and I was able to convey that in my referral helping her to stand out from applicants that applied directly. Because the hiring company had my write-up, it helped streamline the process for both the hiring company and for Emily. 

I recommend Referrers be thoughtful in the details and consider people they can authentically recommend and would want to work with.  I learned to be patient in the process as these things take time, but not to be afraid to ask questions because the folks at Candidate are eager to help. 

“It felt wonderful to make an impactful referral and I am extremely proud to have helped a friend.”

Christopher, Solutions Architect

I know she is in a better place because of my efforts- now she’s working with a team she loves in a job that I found for her!  This has been one of the simplest win-win situations of my career. I am looking forward to my next success story. Thank you, Candidate!

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