Talking to Referrals about Candidate

Posted 1/21/2022 in Learn by Krista Place

Whether you’re already an approved referrer with Candidate, or still thinking about it, here are some tips for talking to potential referrals about how Candidate works.

“What’s your connection to this?”

Let’s say Candidate just approved you as a referrer, and you found the perfect role for your former colleague. You call to discuss the details of the role, and they ask, “what’s your connection to this opportunity?”

Let your network know that through Candidate, you can refer them to in-demand startup roles. You have access to a centralized platform of curated opportunities, sharing tools, and the opportunity to highlight what makes a referral stand out directly to the hiring manager. Don’t be afraid to share how, similar to receiving an employee referral bonus at your own company, you receive a bonus from Candidate when referrals are hired. However, the real reward is helping well-deserving people find an exciting opportunity.

Try this:

“I’m a part of the Candidate network, which has a list of open job opportunities at early-stage tech startups. I can refer my connections directly to the hiring managers for these roles and skip the clunky, traditional job application process. By submitting you as a referral for this role, if you get hired, you get an awesome new job, and I receive a referral bonus.”

What’s next?

When your former colleague confirms interest in the opportunity and asks, “what happens next?” 

Try this:

“I’m going to refer you to this role through the Candidate platform. I’ll include some details about how your experience qualifies you for this role and your contact information for follow-up. You can send me any examples you’d like me to share. The hiring manager will review my referral, and if they’d like to connect, you’ll receive an introductory email to schedule time for an initial conversation. After the phone screen, you would enter their formal hiring process and receive all communication from the hiring company. I’m able to view your progress when updates are made in the Candidate platform, but let’s plan to keep in touch along the way.”

You’re paying your former colleague a compliment by thinking of them, and they may just find their dream job!