5 Tips for Successful Referrals

Posted 1/21/2022 in Learn by Krista Place

Whether you’re referring someone to a role at your company or you’re an approved referrer in our Candidate network, you can follow these tips to ensure you’re making an impactful connection.

Before submitting a job referral, have you…

...read through the overview and job description?

The job description contains responsibilities, required experience, and information about the team.

For roles listed on Candidate, we also provide a job overview with exclusive information- a high-level summary curated by the role’s hiring manager & Candidate team to help referrers quickly identify a prospective referral.

shared job details and company information with your referral?

In addition to the role, employers love when candidates are excited about their company, mission, and culture. You can help by sharing what you love about the company and its people. Candidate equips referrers with this company information to excite their referrals about the opportunity at hand.

…aligned on compensation expectations?

Compensation is a tricky conversation, and if the referral is to your company it can be even harder to discuss.  However, you can share what typical compensation plans include, such as stock options, office perks, and other benefits.

On Candidate, we provide the compensation range for each job listing. This way a referral doesn’t waste time considering a role that doesn’t meet their salary expectations.

…confirmed they meet the non-negotiables?

A job description doesn’t always call out must-have qualifications, which may deter applicants from applying or leave them in the dark as to why they didn’t get a phone screen.  However, if you can identify them, ensure your referral meets the criteria.

Our hiring managers outline the non-negotiable skills and the nice-to-have requirements in Candidate job listings. These clear-cut objectives often get lost in the standard job description, so we simplify it for you by pulling out the most important ones. Candidates don’t have to meet every requirement, but some are non-negotiable.

…gathered specifics for your reference?

Remember, your job referral may determine if your friend progresses to a phone screen. The best referrals include specific examples of how your referral meets the non-negotiable requirements and is capable of the job responsibilities. Use examples of their prior experience and always tie it to the required qualifications and skills.

With Candidate, your referral goes directly to the hiring manager, so make it count!

Encourage your network to signup as referrers with Candidate! Employers post open roles only visible to approved referrers; referrers submit their connections for consideration; if a referrer’s candidate is hired, the referrer is rewarded!