Job Description Template

Posted 5/6/2022 in Learn by Krista Place

Your next great hire starts with writing a job description that reflects your company brand and expectations. The company overview is your chance to market your company and stand out from the crowd. Additionally, realistic job descriptions attract the most qualified candidates who will be successful. You want to strike the balance of enough detail but not provide a laundry list of responsibilities that may turn off some applicants. To help you get started, we’re sharing a job description template.

Job Title:

The job title is how your role gets noticed. Use a descriptive, industry-standard title that speaks to the core functions of the position. Avoid internal lingo that external candidates do not easily understand.


When writing a job description you should include an overview of the company and expectations for the position. This is where you share what’s unique and loved about your organization. Think of it as selling candidates on your product and mission. Using inclusive language will make you attractive to the most qualified candidates. Avoid descriptors that may read as qualifiers such as “young” or “energetic.” We recommend using an app like Textio to help you avoid gendered jargon and biased language and keep phrasing neutral and inclusive. Lastly, don’t forget to include to whom the position reports.

Primary Responsibilities:

Use bullets to highlight the primary responsibilities and functions essential to the role.  You want to maintain that balance of enough detail and conciseness. Here are some examples:

  • Develop innovative campaigns to drive lead generation through webinars, optimized web content, social media, blog, email campaigns, SEO, google ads, etc.
  • Analyze marketing campaigns and channel results to determine how to allocate marketing dollars best to drive revenue and profit

Skills & Experience:

You should think of both hard and soft skills necessary for the role. Be specific about the soft skills such as “comfortable presenting to executive level” instead of “good communicator”. You also want to separate the non-negotiable skills from the nice-to-haves to encourage a diverse set of candidates. The non-negotiable skills are the critical skills that correlate directly with on-the-job success. The nice-to-haves may be where you can up-skill during training. You should also de-couple skills and education experience. They are not the same, and we recommend avoiding the requirement for a college degree. Example skills & experience:

  • 6+ years of digital marketing experience, with a focus on b2b channels
  • Experience with WordPress, CRM, and marketing automation tools
  • Strong project management, multitasking, and decision-making skills

Salary & Compensation:

Including the salary or salary range provides transparency in support of equitable pay.  It also helps align candidates before going through the interview process. You have the opportunity to share the other compensation opportunities, such as equity.

Perks & benefits:

Highlight the other perks and benefits that employees receive. Are there quarterly in-person meet-ups for the fully remote roles? Do you have mental health days? Highlight why someone should want to work there!  

Other info:

Include any other important information, such as the desired start date, the hiring timeline, and the interview process.

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