How it works


Ok, so exactly how does Candidate work?

It is really quite simple. At Candidate, we work with a number of great employers, mostly in the tech startup space, who are looking to grow their teams. Our growing community of referrers identifies people in their network who would be a great fit for these jobs. We connect those referrals with the open positions and, when a hire is made, we share the referral fee from the employer with the referrer.

How is Candidate able to pay such a large bonus for each job?

As you know, finding great talent is hard and hiring companies are more than willing to pay significant amounts to find potential hires.

What are the qualifications to join Candidate?

We primarly want individuals who have worked in similar roles in the past, know lots great people in the industry and enjoing helping others find great new opportunities.

I'm still on the waiting list. How long until I get approved?

At Candidate, while we promise to review every signup as soon as we can, we limit the number of members on our platform so we can provide a personalized experience for both referrers and employers and to ensure open jobs and referrals are perfectly matched.

Do you review the jobs that you have on your platform?

Just like we review each Referrer signup, we do the same for each employer. We want you to have the confidence that any job you refer a friend or colleague to will be a quality opportunity.

Do hiring companies value my referral?

They certainly do. The hiring companies on our platform know that we vet each referrer on our platform as well as each referral that is made. Because of this, the referrals we send are moved to the top of the interviewing list.

My referral just got hired. When do I get paid?

You will receive the referral bonus within 30 days of your referral signing an offer.

Do I only get paid when someone gets hired?

Yes, if one of your referrals gets hired, you will receive the referral bonus associated with the role.

What makes a good referrer?

We expect referrers to submit referrals who are interested in the role and company, and who meet the qualifications of the role. We also hope referrers frequently submit candidates to active job listings.

Can I refer myself for a job?

Currently, Candidate is not visible to job-seekers, however, if there is a role that you are personally interested in, please reach out to us and we can refer you:

Can I submit more than one person for a job?

Yes, you can submit multiple referrals to a single role! We recommend that you submit your top two per role to ensure we are providing our employers quality over quantity.

Can I submit the same person to multiple jobs?

Yes, you can do this as well, as long as you feel the person is a good fit for both roles.

Am I able to see who else has submitted referrals?

You are able to see your total referrals as well as the total number of active referrals that have been submitted by all referrers for each job.

How do I stay informed on the status of my referral?

As our employers make updates to referral's progression in a hiring process, Referrers have access to a personalized dashboard with a view of all their referrals statuses.


How does Candidate work?

As an employer, Candidate is a great way to get qualified referrals sent to you to fill your open positions. We have a large volume of experienced business and technology folks with large networks and we share the hiring fee with anyone who sends a qualified referral that you hire.

What type of hiring companies do you work with?

Today, we primarily support companies that are technology-oriented. We focus on this area because the "referrers" on our platform also come from these backgrounds, and are able to surface highly relevant peer referrals.

How much does this cost?

You determine the bonus amount associated with each job listing. We have a minimum bonus requirement of $3,000. Candidate will work with you to identify the best bonus for you.

Besides the hiring bonus, are there any other fees?

Nope! Candidate is an entirely success-based model meaning you only pay when you make a hire.

Are there any upfront fees?

No! You do not pay anything until one of the candidates we referred to you signs an offer letter.

How does Candidate build it's network of referrers?

Referrers come from many backgrounds. Most are currently working in the technology industry and have enough professional experience to have developed a network. We vet every referrer before providing access to the platform, to ensure that all referrals are coming from reputable sources.

Does Candidate also vet each referral?

Yes, we do. Before any referral is sent, we carefully review the fit for the role so you only receive a smaller volume of very qualified candidates.

What types of jobs can I post on the platform?

Currently we take all FTE, salaried roles in all non-technical and technical job functions.

How long does it take to receive referrals?

It will vary from job-to-job, but we expect it to take roughly 5 business days on average. This gives our referrers time to think through their network, contact potential candidates and gauge their interest before submitting a referral.

How many referrals can I expect per role?

Our focus is on providing quality over quantity. We aim for less than 10 tailored referrals per role. Should you need to tweak the job criteria after meeting candidates, we can coach our referrers on the changes and ask for additional referrals.

This sounds great. How do I get started?

Create your account and select "create a job listing". Once you submit for review, Candidate will do a quick check and push the role live!